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Record Heat to Bake Southern California This Weekend

While the calendar may read mid-March, it will feel more like the middle of summer across Southern California this weekend.

Temperatures will soar well into the 80s and 90s on both Saturday and Sunday, making it feel more like the dog days of summer rather than the waning days of winter.

Los Angles, San Diego, Bakersfield, Lancaster, Santa Barbara, Simi Valley, Riverside and Palm Springs are just a sample of cities that will experience temperatures as much as 25 degrees above normal.

This summerlike warmth will be welcome by some, including those planning to head to the beaches this weekend to get some relief from the heat.

But while some people enjoy the warmth, it will bring some dangers to others.

Leaving a child or animal in a vehicle when it is hot and sunny out can quickly turn dangerous, even if the windows are cracked.

The windows of a car act like a greenhouse, causing the temperature inside of the car to soar in a matter of minutes, putting the lives of the animal or child in danger.

It is also important to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water when spending long periods of time in the outdoors to help prevent sunburn and dehydration.

People participating in the L.A. Marathon on Sunday should also use caution and make sure that they stay hydrated throughout the entire race.

Race officials have already moved the start of the race to an earlier time to better ensure runner safety due to the extreme heat.

Temperatures are expected to gradually fall early next week, but still remain above normal for this time of year.

Unfortunately, this warm weather pattern will not bring any rain to the drought-stricken state.

"Now that a great portion of the rainfall season is in the rear view mirror, the writing is on the wall," said Western Weather Expert Ken Clark.

"Unless there is a late-season miracle, it is putting the state back in a similar place to last year."