Heavy Rain in Mexico This Weekend Raises Flooding Concerns

A system developing in the Eastern Pacific Ocean will stretch rain into Mexico threatening flooding for this weekend.

Following a front moving from north to south across the country for the end of the week, a low pressure will develop off the Pacific Mexican coasts of Colima and Mechoacan de Ocampo. This moisture steers inland just in time for the weekend.

AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Rob Miller said he expects the heaviest rain to start on Saturday and extend into Monday.

Much of western Mexico has seen relatively dry weather over the past few weeks, so much of the rain will be welcome.

In places like Mexico City and north of Guadalajara, rain and thunderstorms throughout the weekend will be lighter and steady nature of the rain. This will make the risk of flooding very isolated.

However, some areas will likely see over 100 mm in the span of just a few days.

"There could be 75 mm to 125 mm (3-5 inches) of rain between Manzanillo and Zihatenjo," Miller said. The heaviest rain extends inland from these coastlines towards Santiago de Queretaro.

Higher terrain already in the swath of heaviest storms, however, could see more rain.

"Closer to 150 mm (6 inches) of rain could be possible in the mountains," Miller said. Not only could this excessive rain lead to flooding and impassible roadways, but mudslides will also be a concern in the higher elevations.

This system is expected to weaken by Tuesday as it retrogrades westward, shifting the heaviest rain towards Mazatian and into the Pacific Ocean.