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Needed Rains Also Bring Flooding Threat to Brazil

A slow-moving storm system will lead to days of drenching thunderstorms across parts of eastern Brazil.

Thunderstorms blossomed over the region during the weekend, bringing torrential downpours to both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Areas in and around Brasilia and Curitiba also experienced rainfall over the weekend.

Daily thunderstorms will continue to soak the entire region through Wednesday as the storm system responsible for the rain drifts slowly southeast off the coast. The heaviest rainfall will be focused across the states of Sao Paulo, southern Minas Gerais and southern Rio de Janeiro. These areas will receive 25-75 mm (1-3 inches) of rainfall into Wednesday with localized amounts up to 150 mm (6 inches).

Rainfall of this magnitude will lead to localized flash flooding. Aside from the threat for flash flooding, any rainfall will be beneficial across the entire region as an extreme drought from several years of below-nomal rainfall has plagued the region with low-water reserves and restrictions on use.

The areas hardest hit by the drought have seen less than 50 percent of their normal precipitation over the past 12 months and while this rainfall will be a step in the right direction, it will only be a dent in the overall drought problems across the region.

As the storm system moves farther into the Atlantic Ocean during the midweek, rainfall will become more scattered and the threat for flooding rainfall will come to an end.