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Rain Targets Some Top Spring Break Destinations

While happy to leave coats and snow boots at home, vacationers seeking a full week of sunshine at the top five Spring Break destinations next week will be disappointed.

U.S. News ranked Miami Beach, Florida; South Padre Island, Texas; Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and the Bahamas as the top five for Spring Break getaways.

This determination was based on expert opinion, traveler sentiment and affordability, accessibility and popularity amongst students.

A week-long washout is not expected at these destinations, but the prospect of showers will force vacationers to keep umbrellas handy. That is especially true at South Padre Island and Cancun, where the same storm system set to soak the U.S. Gulf Coast will lead to an extended wet spell.

Miami Beach, Florida

From the city's beaches to the clubs and bars that line the streets, U.S. News ranked Miami Beach as the top Spring Break destination with South Beach being highlighted.

"Many travelers see South Beach not only as one of the best vacation areas in Florida, but as one of the best in the country," according to the U.S. News report.

A stray shower threatens to dampen South Florida daily next week with a persistent moist flow streaming in from the Atlantic Ocean. The good news is that the showers will generally be light and spotty, meaning some may even bypass parts of Miami and South Beach.

There will otherwise be a mixture of clouds and sunshine next week with highs in the 80s. Humidity will create even higher RealFeel® temperatures.

South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island is one of the two Spring Break destinations facing more than nuisance spotty showers.

"The start of Spring Break will be a wet one for those vacationing in South Texas," stated Meteorologist Rebecca Elliott.

"Rain will move in on Sunday and remain steady through Tuesday morning, with total rainfall amounts of at least 1-2 inches expected."

Temperatures will be lower than normal these days with highs in the 60s. A cool breeze by Tuesday, causing RealFeel® temperatures to be held to the 50s this day.

Elliott added that it will take until Thursday for the sun to make an appearance as drier weather returns.

"The warmest temperatures [of the week] will come on Friday and the weekend."

Cancun, Mexico

Similar to South Padre Island, those headed to the popular Spring Break destination of Cancun should anticipate rain ruining beach and other outdoor festivities for a time.

Vacationers should soak up all the sunshine they can early next week as Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller anticipates the weather to turn downhill as the week progresses.

"Early in the week does not look too bad with nothing more than a passing shower, seasonable temperatures and otherwise mostly sunny conditions." Highs in the mid-80s are common this time of year.

"However, during the middle to end of the week, the weather will turn stormier with increasing clouds and showers," Miller added. "It will stay stormy through next weekend before more typical weather with a daily passing shower resumes the following week."

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta will have the least rain chances out of the top five Spring Break destinations, but a full week of dry weather cannot be promised.

"There will be clouds and maybe a stray shower early in the week," continued Miller. While the weather will begin to deteriorate around Cancun later in the week, Miller expects the opposite around Puerto Vallarta.

"Temperatures otherwise next week will be in the lower 80s, which is near to a hair below normal"

Cabo San Lucas, which ranks ninth on the U.S. News list of top Spring Break destinations, will actually win the award for the best weather for vacationers across Mexico next week.

"Cabo San Lucas has a fairly dry climate outside of hurricane season and tranquil weather will dominate over the next couple of week," Miller continued.

The Bahamas

The weather across the Bahamas will be fairly similar to what is expected in Miami. Vacationers will want to keep an umbrella handy, but will not need to use it frequently.

One or more days of the week will pass without a shower at any given location (such as Nassau), but the spotty showers will be around the island nation daily.

"These are the type of showers that will last only 10 to 15 minutes and then will be gone," stated Meteorologist Eric Leister.

The weather will otherwise feature a partly to mostly sunny sky and temperatures in the lower 80s.

For those who are not heading to the Bahamas or Miami until the week starting March 16, the prospect of ideal weather for vacationers looks grim.

"The storm threatening Cancun later next week might shift to Miami and the Bahamas early that week with heavy rain and thunderstorms," continued Miller. "But that should clear out later in the week."

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