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London, Paris, Berlin to Catch Weekend Spring Fever

A spring fever alert is being issued for the United Kingdom and western Europe this weekend with April-like warmth set to surge in.

While a potent winter storm swings through Italy and the Balkan Peninsula, an area of high pressure to the north will expand eastward and open the door milder air to pour in.

One or both days of this weekend will feel more like April from Portugal and Spain to the United Kingdom and north-central Europe, including Germany and Poland.

Some residents will opt to shed their jackets as they enjoy weekend outdoor activities.

Saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend across most of the United Kingdom and Ireland, including Dublin, before a cold front and its showers bring cooling for Sunday.

London, however, should be able to sneak in another mild and dry day on Sunday since the front will take until the evening to arrive. Temperatures both days this weekend in London will rise to near 14 C (upper 50s F) when highs around 9 C (upper 40s) are more common.

Otherwise, Sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend across mainland Europe. Temperatures will rise 5-10 degrees C (10-18 degrees F) above normal in Lisbon, Portugal; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; and Warsaw, Poland.

Typical early March highs range from 15-16 C (near 60 F) in Lisbon to around 4 C (39 F) in Warsaw.

Beyond the weekend, current projections hold off any widespread shot of colder air into Europe until later next week.