BREAKING: Volcano Erupts in Southern Chile

A volcano erupted in southern Chile early Tuesday morning, sending ash and lava high into the night sky.

The volcano is located in southern Chile near the town of Vallarrica.

Lava activity on the volcano intensified around 3 a.m. local time which lead to an explosion of lava from the Villarrica volcano, according to 24 Horas, a Chilean news station.

The mayor of Pucon, Carlos Barra has issued an evacuation of the area surrounding the Villarrica volcano.

"I ask people to remain calm. We are at the foot of the canyon making decisions," said the Mayor.

The eruption was so large that it was able to be seen as far away as Temuco, Chile, accorind to Bio Bio Chile. This is a distance of nearly 100 km (62 miles).

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