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WATCH: 2,000 Cruise Passengers Stuck at Sea as Dense Fog Engulfs Tampa

Dense fog prevented several ships, cargo freights and a major cruise liner from docking in Tampa Bay, Florida, earlier this week, stranding passengers for nearly two days.

One notable passenger was Ohio State University Head Football Coach Urban Meyer, on board participating in a fundraiser known as the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer with fans, alumni and former athletes.

Port of Tampa Spokesperson Andy Fobes called the thick fog a "freak weather event," according to the Associated Press.

The National Weather Service warned of dense marine fog on Monday and the hazardous conditions lingered across the area.

After the recent cold blast of air that settled as far south as Florida, conditions were prime for creating the widespread foggy conditions.

"Water temperatures had cooled enough to create sea fog as warmer air came back in over the weekend," Expert Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski said. "That contrast after the abnormally cold week prior created the perfect setup for sea fog."

Given the extensive size of a cruise ship, captains and port officials have to be extremely careful when safely bringing liners into dock, Kottlowski explained. He also added that fog events as disruptive as this do not occur that often.

Nearly two days later than originally expected to complete its journey, the Royal Caribbean International's Brilliance of the Seas docked safely on Tuesday afternoon. The cruise hosted more than 2,000 passengers.

With the help of the Coast Guard, the cruise was successfully guided back into port with help of a pilot boat.

AccuWeather Senior Vice President Dr. Joe Sobel described the event as "very unusual."

"Most of the time when cold air masses get that far south, it's windy and cloudy, so fog has trouble forming. This time, the cold air got out over the very warm Gulf Stream and just stagnated to the point where saturation occurred," Sobel said.

Passengers began to dismount the ship Tuesday evening after an extended time at sea.

Still, some passengers were able to treat the extra days on board as an extension of their trip.

One attendee of the Buckeye event, Craig Little, wrote on Twitter, "Everyone had a blast with the two extra days."