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Disruptive Snow to Slow Travel From Dallas to Raleigh

Cold air from Canada and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will clash across the Southeast on Wednesday, causing snow to fall across part of the Southeast around midweek.

While much of the Southeast can expect rain from Wednesday into Thursday, a corridor of snow will set up along the northern periphery of the precipitation, reaching from northeast Texas to southern Virginia.

Travel disruptions will unfold on Wednesday from west to east, impacting Dallas; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Shreveport, Louisiana; during the morning before advancing into Huntsville, Alabama; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Atlanta during the afternoon.

The biggest impacts will be felt by travelers taking to the roads as snow can cause roadways to become slick.

Even if the snow doesn't stick to the roads, at night it will get below freezing and slush on the road may freeze solid; especially on the back roads, said Senior Meteorologist Frank Strait.

The greatest impacts will be felt in the Appalachian Mountains and across the Carolinas on Wednesday night and into Thursday.

The highest accumulations are expected over the mountains, but some spots in north-central North Carolina and south-central Virginia could pick up over 6 inches.

"There's going to be a sweet spot somewhere," said Strait.

The Thursday commute could be the worst time to travel in eastern Tennessee, southern Virginia and the Carolinas due to snow-covered roads and poor visibility.

Anyone that has to drive in this area on Thursday morning should allow ample time to reach their destination to account for lower traffic speeds, accidents and lane closures.

Conditions will improve throughout the day on Thursday as the snow tapers off and crews are able to clear the roads.

However, some delays could still occur during the Thursday evening commute, especially at the airports due to flight delays and cancellations earlier in the day.

Dry weather will be the theme across the Southeast on Friday with chilly air lingering around in the wake of the storm to close out the week.

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