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BREAKING: Blaze Engulfs Dubai Skyscraper Amid High Winds

A massive fire engulfed a skyscraper in the city of Dubai early Saturday morning amid high winds.

"The fire broke out in the Torch tower on the northeastern end of the densely populated district, which is packed with multi-story skyscrapers," the Associated Press reported.

According to Meteorologist Frank Strait winds were gusting at speeds over 40 mph.

"Debris from the fire cluttered nearby streets after the blaze appeared to be extinguished," the Associated Press reported.

Frank Strait said due to the height of the building, winds may have been closer to 50 mph.

According to the Associated Press, residents in neighboring structure adjacent to the 70-story building were asked to evacuate due to the fierce winds.

No injuries or fatalities have been reported at this time.