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Pair of Tropical Cyclones to Landfall in Australia With Damaging Winds, Heavy Rain

A pair of tropical cyclones, Lam and Marcia, will threaten Australia late this week with damaging winds and heavy rainfall.

Lam will make landfall over the Northern Territory between Milingimbi and Echo Island Thursday night or early Friday morning, local time.

Winds could reach 110-130 kph (70-80 mph) Thursday afternoon and continue through Friday morning with gusts to 170 kph (over 100 mph).

These wind speeds can cause widespread power outages and serious damage to buildings and homes.

The storm will rapidly weaken over Northern Territory on Friday.

Rain associated with Lam will total 4-8 inches over the northeastern part of Top End through Friday.

Rain will spread southward and westward Thursday night and Friday with rainfall of 1-3 inches (25-75 mm) elsewhere across the Top End. Flooding is likely along the coast and in low-lying locations.

Tropical Cyclone Marcia remains a weaker feature over the Coral Sea but will gain some strength on Thursday before making landfall near Yeppoon late Thursday night or Friday morning.

Winds will gust to 70-90 kph (40-60 mph) from Sarina to Hervey Island Thursday night into Friday. These wind speeds are enough to cause power outages but damages to buildings should be limited.

Marcia will rapidly weaken over southeastern Queensland on Friday with winds diminishing.

Rainfall will be a big concern with Marcia as 3-6 inches (75-150 mm) with local amounts over 8 inches (200 mm) of rain are expected across southeastern Queensland to northeastern New South Wales from Thursday night into midday Saturday.

These heavy rains will impact the city of Brisbane Friday and Friday night.

Some rain from Marcia can reach as far south as Sydney Friday night into Saturday, but the heaviest rain will remain well north of Sydney.

Flooding will be a major concern in coastal, urban and low-lying locations.