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BREAKING: Dramatic Ice Rescue Unfolds in Frigid New Jersey Temperatures

Three people became trapped on ice in Middletown, New Jersey, Tuesday afternoon, prompting first responders to initiate a rescue effort.

The incident occurred near the end of Leonard Avenue in Sandy Hook Bay, according local news source, WABC-TV.

"It is unclear how the victims ended up stuck about 60 feet out on the ice, but it appears they walked out onto what they thought was solid ice between two erosion barriers," WABC-TV New York reported.

All three individuals were rescued as first responders waded through the icy waters to pull them to safety. One individual, a 14-year old girl, was pulled from the water, WABC-TV reported. The other two individuals were given life-jackets and escorted to safety.

Temperatures in the area have been about 10 degrees below average for the past several days, according to Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

"Today, temperatures were in the middle 20s," he said.

Andrews also said that fresh snow acts as an insulator, and can lead to thinner spots in the ice if it were snow covered, especially if it was fresh snow.

According to Meteorologist Dave Dombek, Middletown has seen nearly 5 inches of snow from Monday's storm.