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PHOTOS: New England Battles Yet Another Travel-Halting Blizzard

A storm passed through the Northeast this weekend sending frigid air and blizzard conditions to New England and causing a slew of travel delays and cancellations.

In advance of the blizzard, Mayor Martin Walsh announced Saturday that a South Boston Emergency Transportation Reconfiguration (ETF) would go into effect at 10:00 p.m. to reconfigure several streets in South Boston to one-way only in an effort to improve public safety.

"Boston has seen unprecedented levels of snow over the past few weeks, totaling nearly 80 inches, and more is expected," Walsh said Saturday.

On Sunday, this winter officially secured the spot as Boston's third snowiest winter in the city's history. Furthermore, with 58.5 inches of snow so far in February, it is already the snowiest month in the city's history, surpassing the 43.3 inches from January 2005.

Speed limit reductions, which had been put in place on major highways prior to the storm in Massachusetts and Maine, were lifted Sunday afternoon. However, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker tweeted that drivers should stay off roads to allow crews to work.

"Blowing & drifting snow will make for low visibilities & hidden dangers," his Twitter account reads.

As temperatures continued to drop, thousands remained without power on Sunday in Massachusetts the Massachusetts Emergency Emergency Agency reported.

On Sunday, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) shut down completely. This was the second shutdown for the MBTA in only one week. Also on Sunday, The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) was also announced a scheduled service shutdown due to "plummeting temperatures, high winds and drifting snow."

"RIPTA's main concern is safety and weather officials are warning that frostbite can occur very quickly in these conditions," Barbara Polichetti, Director of Public Affairs for RIPTA said in a news release. "We want to avoid having people waiting outside in the cold and the dark, particularly with wind-driven snow reducing visibility. We also want to keep roads clear as the state and its municipalities complete their snow-removal efforts."

Additionally, the snowy conditions closed Boston Logan Airport temporarily into Sunday afternoon.

Overall, more than 1,800 flights were cancelled across the United States on Sunday, with the majority centered in northeastern areas affected by the snowstorm.

As the heavy snow continues to pileup, the danger of roof collapses continues to increase, with four reported on Sunday alone in Massachusetts.

This resident of Orono, Maine, was able to capture the blizzard conditions on Sunday with winds gusting above 30 mph.

Even after the snow ended, strong winds continued to pose threats by blowing snow and causing visibility issues on roadways. Staff Writer Kevin Byrne contributed content to this article.