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Another Snowstorm May Ramp up off New England Coast at Late Week

A storm riding along a blast of arctic air will spread a swath of snow from the Great Lakes by midweek to the Northeast before the end of the week.

Yet another Alberta Clipper will drop in from Canada this week. As is often the case with these moisture-starved storms, the snow will tend to be light and more of a nuisance for most areas.

However, the storm will bring another round of slippery roads, travel delays and possible disruptions to daily activities from Detroit to Boston.

There is also the potential for the storm to strengthen as it moves near the Atlantic Ocean. In this scenario, a swath of moderate to heavy snow could develop in part of the coastal Northeast.

The storm will first affect part of North Dakota to portions of Minnesota, Wisconsin and much of Michigan Tuesday into Wednesday. Snow within this swath will generally range from a coating to a couple of inches. Cities that will be affected include Fargo, North Dakota; Minneapolis; Madison, Wisconsin; and Detroit.

Intermittent snow will reach the areas from Cleveland and Buffalo, New York, to Pittsburgh during Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

During the day Thursday, spotty snow is likely to impact Philadelphia; New York City; Albany, New York; and Hartford, Connecticut.

It is from late Thursday into Friday morning when the storm could strengthen quickly enough to bring steadier and perhaps heavier snow from part of New Jersey and eastern New York state to Massachusetts and coastal Maine.

Workers and school districts from Islip, New York, to Providence, Rhode Island, and Boston will especially want to monitor this next potential snowstorm and snow day.

The storm could add more insult to injury for property owners, cities and townships in New England struggling with how to pay for snow removal, let alone where to put it.

The exact track and speed of strengthening of the storm will determine how far north and west the heavier snow expands to before the system heads out to sea.

A couple of showers of mixed rain and snow can occur as far south as Washington, D.C., and Dover, Delaware, with the greatest chance for slippery travel during Thursday night as arctic air begins to sweep in.

As the Alberta Clipper sweeps by, the gates of the Arctic will be opened from the Upper Midwest to the Northeast.

Areas made wet and slushy from the storm and moderate temperatures during the middle of the week can become icy and freeze solid. Temperatures may get so low that inexpensive ice-melting compounds, such as rock salt, will be ineffective.

The parade of Alberta Clipper storms will not stop during the school week.

The next Alberta Clipper storm is forecast to dive into the Northeast states with the chance of another round of snow, ranging from nuisance flurries to a moderate accumulation this weekend.

The storm this weekend could also strengthen quickly upon nearing the Atlantic Ocean.