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Dry Pattern Brings Sun for London, But Snow for Eastern Europe

Following a wet start to the year, mainly dry weather will settle into the United Kingdom. However, this will move stormier weather into Eastern Europe for the weekend.

High pressure will continue to hold over Ireland and the United Kingdom throughout the weekend, bringing a spell of drier weather.

This will come as a welcome break for many, coloring a very wet month for places like London. The city had a total of 153 mm (more than 6 inches) of rain in January, more than twice their average amount.

January Rainfall Total Comparisons (Millimeters)

UK City
Jan 2015 Total
Jan Rain Average
152.9 mm
68.3 mm
146.8 mm
84.3 mm
254.5 mm
134.6 mm
100.1 mm
62.2 mm

With this pattern holding over the area, much of Ireland and the United Kingdom will be seeing sunshine. The exception to this will be on Tuesday, when a few isolated showers could graze western Ireland and northern Scotland. These showers are not expected to amount to much, but will bring a cloudier and damper setting for the day.

Temperatures will remain near average, holding between 5 and 10 C (43 to 47 F) each afternoon through early in the new week.

To balance the sunshine, stormier weather will move around the high and into Scandinavia and eastern Europe.

A wave of moisture will dive into Estonia, Latvia and Lithuana, as well as northern Poland by Saturday evening, with more snow reaching the Alps by early in the new week. Most places are not expected to accumulate much in the way of snow, however the higher elevations of the Alps could see as much as 25 cm (10 inches).