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Quick-Hitting Snow to Coat Midwest, Northeast at Midweek

An Alberta Clipper storm will sweep from the Midwest to the Northeast during the middle part of this week with mostly a nuisance snowfall but still slippery travel nonetheless.

With cities and townships struggling to find places to put the snow and students missing multiple days from school, more snow will accumulate and more delays are possible.

Fortunately, the clipper storm will be starved of moisture along much of its path and will bring only a light snowfall or snow showers from the northern Plains to the Midwest and part of the Northeast.

According to Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, "The snow at midweek in the Midwest and Northeast will seem like a snowflake in a glacier for most people."

"However, a fresh covering of snow can create new problems, even if the storm is much weaker than the one millions have just endured."

The storm with its patchy snow will affect the Central states Tuesday into Wednesday and then the Northeast Wednesday night into Thursday.

Cities in the Midwest that can be affected by the swath of light snow include Omaha, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland.

Enough snow can fall to make roads and sidewalks that were cleared of snow in the wake of the big storm slippery once again.

As the clipper storm approaches the Atlantic coast, a second system swinging up from the south will begin to merge with it.

How quickly this merge takes place will determine whether or not a swath of a few inches of snow develops from part of the Delmarva Peninsula and New Jersey to Long Island, New York, to eastern New England on Thursday.

People from Dover, Delaware, to Atlantic City, New Jersey, New York City and Hartford, Connecticut, should also keep an eye on the situation.

The current indication is the storms will merge too far to the east to produce heavy snow along the mid-Atlantic coast. However, the system will be watched closely for more rapid development. If the storm develops quickly, it could throw snow farther west toward the I-95 corridor of the mid-Atlantic.

Another push of arctic air will follow the storm and will sweep across the Midwest and Northeast before the end of the week. will continue to provide updates on the waves of cold air and additional snow.