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Snow, Wind to Lash Coastal New England Through Saturday

Those in New England may be reminded of the Blizzard of 2015 early this weekend as a strengthening storm system impacts the region.

Eastern Maine will take the brunt of the storm Friday night into Saturday, but that does not mean that the rest of the Northeast will escape the snow.

Before rapidly strengthening off the coast of New England, the system will continue to bring light snow over southern New England with snow showers from New York City to Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh on Friday.

This should not cause much in terms of travels disruptions, but people taking to the roads may want to allow for a few extra minutes before heading out in order to brush the fresh coating of snow off their vehicles.

Conditions will deteriorate quickly across eastern New England Friday night and carry into Saturday as winds pick up and snow intensifies.

While this is not expected to evolve into a blizzard, it will still cause major disruptions to travel.

With snow rates up to 2 inches an hour possible, roads can quickly become snow-covered and remain covered until after the storm has passed.

If you must drive during the storm, you should take supplies with you, such as food, water and blankets, in the event that you become stuck on the road.

With upwards of a foot of snow expected in some areas, this could turn into a dangerous situation for some, particularly across eastern Maine.

Snow through this weekend that piles up on top of the snow that fell from the Blizzard of 2015 can put a significant amount of stress on building structures.

If enough snow accumulates on the roof of a weak building, it can lead to the collapse of that roof.

To avoid this, people across the area who still have feet of snow on their roofs should consider removing some of the snow to relieve the building of the immense weight.

Fortunately for those in the Boston area, the worst of the storm should stay to the north of the city.

Strong winds from the storm can still cause snow to blow around, adding to the drifts created by this past week's blizzard.

These winds can also lead to localized power outages from Connecticut to Maine and even into portions of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Conditions will gradually improve throughout Saturday afternoon as the system departs, leading to a dry but frigid day across New England on Sunday.

This dry weather will not last for long as another storm system is set to move into the region by the start of the upcoming week. Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski warns that "all or mostly snow is favored at this time just north of the storm track from moving eastward from Columbus, Ohio to Pittsburgh; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia and New York City."

"In at least part of this swath, enough snow to shovel and plow is likely," he said.

This snow could reach into New England on Monday, depending on the exact path that the storm takes.

Continue to check back with as more information about this storm becomes known and a more precise storm track can be determined.