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Stormy Pattern in Europe Continues This Week

An unsettled pattern for Europe this week looks to culminate in the form of a large storm system expected to impact the region late this week. Disruptive snow and heavy rain should impact a large portion of Europe as a result.

Multiple storm system have brought impacts to Europe over the past week, and a couple weak disturbances will cross the continent early and mid week this week ahead of a more significant storm. Weekend snow led to beautiful scenes across central Europe over the weekend:

A front Monday into Tuesday will bring a light snow to interior France and Germany, with showers closer to the coast. This front will wash out into eastern Europe on Tuesday night, and will allow for light snow and flurries on Tuesday night into Wednesday.

All of this activity however will be a precursor for a major storm late week, when low pressure diving out from near Iceland into the North Sea will dominate the weather map.

The first rain and snow showers, along with strong winds, will reach the United Kingdom on Wednesday, before the deepening storm pushes significant moisture over continental Europe on Thursday.

The storm will drag down cold air from the Arctic Circle, combining with cold air already over portions of Europe to bring the threat for snow over a large portion of eastern Europe.

A disruptive snow will be likely for much of eastern Europe, from the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Baltic States to eastern Germany, the Alps, and even interior Southeastern Europe.

The cities of Zurich, Budapest, Warsaw, Berlin, and Stockholm are all included in the area threatened by snow.

In places where the air won't be sold enough to support widespread snow, heavy rain is expected, especially for France and the Adriatic coast. Localized flooding will be the concern in locations that see extensive rainfall.

The pattern for Europe shows little signs of improvement, even after the late week storm. An active storm track will continue to bring unsettled weather to much of Europe well into next week.

Stay tuned to for more details as the storm approaches.