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Pre-Blizzard Snow to Reach Pittsburgh, NYC by Monday

Prior to a blizzard slamming the Northeast Monday night through Tuesday, less intense but yet still disruptive snow will streak from Midwest to the mid-Atlantic through Monday.

Far from bringing travel to a standstill as the blizzard inevitably will, the snow will still cause disruptions to motorists and airline passengers along its path through Monday.

That path will be along the I-80 and I-70 corridors from northern Illinois to the mid-Atlantic.

After whitening Chicago to start Sunday, the snow will streak eastward to Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Wilmington, Delaware; and Baltimore and Hagerstown, Maryland, through Sunday night.

Snow will reach New York City by dawn Monday.

As the snow continues into Monday across the above areas, disruptions to travel and daily routines will occur. Periods of snow will also develop in the southern Appalachians as the day progresses.

"Roads in this swath could be very slippery and snow-covered on Monday," stated Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski. This includes the heavily-traveled I-95 corridor from Baltimore to New York City.

Snow will also return to Washington, D.C., but Meteorologist Bill Deger expects snow amounts to be limited.

"Snow will mix in with the rain throughout much of Monday in the District. Temperatures will remain several degrees above freezing through the daytime hours, allowing roads to be mainly wet."

"Snow accumulations [in the District] will likely hold off until evening and nighttime when a couple inches can be expected," added Deger.

Sunday night is when the clipper will begin to rapidly strengthen off the Northeast coast, evolving into a powerful blizzard that will drop more than a foot of snow from New Jersey to New England by midweek.

New York City and Boston are among the cities that will be brought to a standstill.