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Next Storm to Slam into Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada

A significant winter storm was winding down across Atlantic Canada on Sunday morning, unfortunately for area residents another storm is hot on its heels.

Blizzard-like conditions occurred across much of New Brunswick, eastern Quebec and Labrador, with portions of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland included as well.

Most of the region will have a small window to recover on Monday, before a storm rapidly strengthening off the northeastern U.S. coast pulls north into the region.

This storm will bring impacts to Nova Scotia as early as Tuesday morning, where a brief period of heavy snow and wind will be followed by a prolonged period of rain.

According to Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson, "Snow will likely change to a mix or even straight rain over central and southern Nova Scotia, but the heaviest precipitation will still be in the form of snow. Considering that the region hasn't seen much snow this season, the storm will be a significant one for the season."

A similar situation will come to Newfoundland on Tuesday night.

Impacts will reach Labrador on Wednesday, in the form of heavy, dry snow, before tapering to flurries on Thursday as the storm continues north toward Greenland.

While the common denominator between the weekend storm and the early week storm will be heavy snowfall there will be a key difference. The weekend storm intensified as it moved towards Atlantic Canada, allowing for intense winds typical of strengthening storms for the region.

Tuesday's storm however will have reached its strongest off the coast of New England, bringing a blizzard there. As it pulls north the early week storm will be weakening, changing the focus of damaging winds from Labrador to Nova Scotia instead.

According to Anderson, "The strongest winds with this storm will be focused in coastal Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, with gusts in the 80-90 km/h range."

The combination of the two storms is expected to bring significant travel delays to the region, both ground and air. Strong winds and heavy snow in Nova Scotia may combine to bring widespread power outages for anyone with above ground power transmission.

Following the storm Thursday and Friday will be a chilly but calm period for the region.

Unfortunately for areas residents, yet another storm will threaten the region on Friday night into Saturday, giving the region little respite.