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Late-Weekend Snow to Sweep From Minneapolis to Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh

After a snowstorm affects the Northeast early this weekend, an Alberta Clipper will spread a swath of accumulating snow and slippery travel through the Midwest later in the weekend.

As is the case with many storms originating from western Canada, the storm will be deprived of moisture as it moves southeastward across the northern Plains Saturday night.

Only light snow generally on the order of a coating to an inch will fall from the Dakotas to Minnesota.

As the storm begins to take more of a turn to the east on Sunday, it will strengthen a bit and produce a swath of 1-3 inches of snow over the Upper Midwest.

Cities that may get enough snow for travel delays on Sunday include Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and Madison, Wisconsin.

Motorists negotiating the I-80/90 corridor should expect slippery and snow-covered roads along the way from Chicago to Cleveland.

Airline passengers may experience delays due to deicing operations at some of the airports in the region.

Farther south, from portions of Iowa to the Ohio Valley, more of a wintry mix and rain are in store, including Indianapolis; Cincinnati; Springfield, Missouri; and Des Moines, Iowa.

The same clipper system may bring a light amount of snow to the central Appalachians Sunday night. There is the potential for some snow to reach the mid-Atlantic coast on Monday into Monday night.

If this storm strengthens significantly upon nearing the Atlantic coast, some locations in the I-95 mid-Atlantic could receive a few inches of snow. However, the strength of the system at that time is not set in stone.