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Midweek Snow to Fall Over Colorado, New Mexico

The first stages of a storm set to impact the southern Plains, and eventually the Southeast, will begin on Wednesday with snow over the southern Rockies.

The first flakes will start to fall over southeastern Colorado late on Tuesday night, but quickly spread over northern New Mexico and into the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas by noon on Wednesday.

Travel conditions can quickly deteriorate along Interstate 25 on Wednesday, particularly in the area between Pueblo, Colorado, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Snow is expected to advance south and east headed into Thursday while tapering off across Colorado and northern New Mexico.

The snow in this southern area will take longer to accumulate as the precipitation will initially start off as a period of rain.

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In general, many locations are forecast to receive between 1 and 3 inches of snow by the end of Thursday.

However, an area of northeastern New Mexico will to have closer to 6 inches before the snow comes to an end.

Gusty winds can greatly reduce the visibility across east-central New Mexico on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning during the middle of the snowstorm.

This is not anticipated to become a widespread danger, but can make for treacherous travel for those on the roads in this area early on Thursday morning.

Dry conditions will return to this portion of the Plains to close out the week as the system tracks eastward, spreading rain into the Southeast.

Higher temperatures will accompany Friday's dry weather, although highs will still run 5 to 15 degrees below normal.

Temperatures will continue to moderate throughout the weekend, returning to near normal by Sunday.