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Snow, Slippery Travel to Target Chicago to NYC

Rounds of snow will move through the North Central states early this week with one swath streaking eastward to the Northeast at midweek.

On the heels of the storm that delivered mostly rain, but also a swath of ice and some snow to the Northeast on Sunday, a pair of storm systems will take a path from western Canada to the northern Plains to the mid-Atlantic.

Each system will bring a band of nuisance snow to the North Central states but could have very different results in the Northeast.

The first system started Monday delivering an icy mix to parts of Iowa and will continue to push a bit of snow from Minnesota to western Pennsylvania through Tuesday.

This will be more of a nuisance snow with most accumulations being held to a coating to an inch with a few pockets of 2 inches.

While travelers will escape major disruptions, roads could still become slick for a time along the swath from Duluth, Minnesota, to Green Bay, Wisconsin, to Detroit to Cleveland.

On Tuesday, the storm will fizzle and struggle to push any snow or rain east of the Appalachians in the mid-Atlantic.

The same cannot be said for the second storm that will reach the Northeast on Wednesday.

"This storm will be a little stronger and will produce more snow as it goes," stated Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams.

"Parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey will receive more snow than places to the west."

Initially, the storm will spread a general inch to as much as three inches of snow through the northern Plains Monday night into Tuesday with the snow streaking to the lower Great Lakes Tuesday night into Wednesday.

In the path of this snow and the potential for slick travel includes Bismarck, North Dakota; Aberdeen, South Dakota; Minneapolis; Chicago; and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Snow will then develop from the West Virginia mountains to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and southern New York on Wednesday. The southern fringe of the snow will graze Washington, D.C.

The snow's northern fringe may even clip Boston Wednesday night into Thursday if the snow takes a track over southern New England.

Due to the strengthening storm, a swath of 1-3 inches of snow with locally higher amounts will develop over a part of the Northeast. Such snow could lead to more disruptions to travelers and daily routines as roads and sidewalks turn slippery. meteorologists will continue to track the storm and provide updates on exactly where the heaviest snow will fall in the Northeast.

As the snow departs, fresh chilly air will pour into the Northeast later this week.