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Storm May Spread Snow From Cincinnati to DC, Philly

A storm dropping southeastward from Canada has the potential to cause a swath of accumulating snow from part of the Ohio Valley to the mid-Atlantic spanning Tuesday and Wednesday.

In the wake of the storm that delivered mostly rain, but also a swath of ice and some snow to the Northeast on Sunday, a new weather pattern and storm track will develop this week and continue through the end of the month.

The main path storms will take is from the northern Pacific Ocean to western Canada, the North Central United States and then into the Northeast. Some of these storms will have a chance to grab moisture and strengthen as they approach the Atlantic coast.

One such storm will move along a push of colder air and dip across the northern Plains on Monday and Monday night with very spotty snow and flurries.

As the storm turns more to the east, a swath of rain and snow showers are forecast to develop over part of the Midwest to the central and southern Appalachians on Tuesday into Tuesday night.

Spotty light snow could be enough to make for slippery roads in Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis.

The exact track and strength of this storm after it crosses the Mississippi River and then later the Appalachians will determine where the swath of heavier, and hence accumulating snow occurs.

Wednesday will bring the potential for snow or rain changing to snow along the mid-Atlantic coast. Major hubs that could be affected include Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Motorists from eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio to West Virginia, the northern and western Virginia, Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, Delaware and southern New Jersey could receive accumulating snow. As a result those traveling by roadway and airline should be prepared for delays.

A slight shift in storm track and intensity could mean the difference between rain, melting snow, or accumulating snow versus flurries in New York City, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Lexington, Kentucky, Charleston, West Virginia, and Roanoke, Virginia. meteorologists will continue to track the storm and provide updates on the potential for accumulating snow through the middle of the week.