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Snowy Weekend Expected From Alps to Eastern Europe

The same storm that brought gusty winds to the United Kingdom along with rain, and even some snow, to parts of Spain and France midweek will bring snow from the Alps to Eastern Europe this weekend.

The heaviest of the snow will settle in the Alps of Switzerland, northern Italy and Austria Saturday and Saturday night. Some of the highest mountain peaks could receive as much as 4 meters (near 1 foot) of snow. However, most areas will be more likely to get 75 to 150 mm (3 to 6 inches).

Farther north, some light snow could mix with rain in southern Germany and into the Czech Republic. However, not much in the way of accumulation is expected.

Colder temperatures Saturday night will allow snow to encompass all of Austria, as well as northern Hungary, southern Poland and into Belarus. Snow is expected to continue through the day in northern Hungary, Slovakia and southern Poland into Sunday, allowing for accumulations as high as 100 mm (about 4 inches).

Further south, across much of Italy and the Balkans, it will remain warm enough that there will be rain instead of snow.

On Sunday, a new storm system will bring rain once again to Spain, Portugal and western France, making the pattern rather tricky for the new week, according to Meteorologist Rob Richards.

"Eastern Norway and Sweden are the likely places for snow early in the new week, down into the Alps." Richards said.

This same system could bring some snow to central and eastern parts of Europe by the middle of the new week.