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Madagascar Braces for Tropical Cyclone Chedza Through Saturday

Following a low that developed east of Madagascar early in the week, another tropical system has strengthened, this time crossing the island.

A low pressure area held over the Mozambique Channel for days earlier this week; the system was able to finally develop into an organized tropical system.

The tropical depression quickly developed into Tropical Cyclone Chedza Friday morning.

Through the start of the weekend, Chedza will continue eastward and cross the middle of Madagascar. Landfall is expected along the west-central coast of Madagascar just north of the city of Morondava. The eye of the storm at landfall will contain the gustiest winds, likely as strong as 90 kph (about 57 mph).

The storm's center is expected to track south of the Madagascar capital of Antananarivo Friday into Saturday although there could be some rain and gustier winds.

With the center moving off the warm waters of the channel, the cyclone will likely weaken. No matter the classification of the storm, heavy rain is expected across central and southern portions of the island through Saturday.

After emerging in the Indian Ocean late Saturday, Chedza is expected to restrengthen, with winds once again returning to tropical cyclone strength. Stronger wind shear near the island of Mauritius likely will curve the storm to the south and slow its progression for the start of the new week.