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PHOTOS: Australian Bushfires Burn Homes and Animals

The climate across Australia which features hot, dry weather for long durations leads to bushfires throughout the entire year.

Recently bushfires across Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria have left thousands of acres burned along with several homes.

Meanwhile, wildlife across the entire region have been severely impacted. While many were not fortunate enough to escape the blazes, others were burned and needed medical attention.

While the weather has improved in many areas both with cooler temperatures and increased rainfall, animals are still trying to recover and adapt to burned habitats that they once called home.

In an effort to help the injured animals, The International Fund for Animal Welfare asked for people to sew mittens for the burned paws of animals such as kangaroos and koalas. The group also was asking for joey pouches to be sewn together to help the young animals that were orphaned or injured during the recent fires, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Post by South Coast Volunteer Bushfire Brigade.

While the weather has improved from South Australia to New South Wales, another round of heat is expected to prevail for much of the week ahead in southwest Western Australia where crews continue to battle bushfires near Perth.