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Pope's Visit in Philippines Could Coincide With Arrival of Tropical System

An area of showers and thunderstorms is becoming better organized to the south of Guam and has a high potential to become a named tropical cyclone in the next few days.

While development will occur well to the south and west of Guam, thunderstorms on the northern edge of the storm could still bring downpours to the southern Mariana Islands on Tuesday.

A general west-northwest track is expected which would take the potential cyclone north of Palau and in the direction of the Philippines.

Potential impacts for the Philippines are expected to begin on Saturday and continue through the weekend as the storm nears the central Philippines.

Pope Francis will be making a tour across parts of the Philippines from Thursday through Monday, and although his itinerary is already laid out, this storm could force changes to the schedule.

Some of the worst impacts for eastern Visayas are likely from Saturday into Saturday night, the same time Pope Francis is scheduled to make several appearances in the region.

As the potential cyclone approaches the Philippines, a slight turn to the north is possible; however, landfall in the Philippines would still be likely.

The central and northern Philippines are at greatest risk for flash flooding and mudslides, while the southern Philippines will likely see no widespread impacts from this developing storm.

While this potential cyclone is not expected to become a large and devastating typhoon, life-threatening impacts are still possible. Travel may also be hindered with flooded roadways and flight cancellations likely over the weekend.