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More Rain, Snow on the Horizon for Turkey

After a brief break from unsettled weather, another area of low pressure will bring rain and snow to parts of Turkey early this week.

As low pressure dives to the south across Greece, moisture will be pulled to the north from the Mediterranean Sea supplying the needed fuel for rain and snow across western Turkey. In general this storm will not be as significant as ones in the past week or two as mild air will allow for rain in many areas.

The most widespread snow will occur across mountainous terrain in northwestern parts of the country, generally to the north and west of Ankara. In these areas 8-15 cm (3-6 inches) of snow is expected with high totals in highest of terrain. Rain could even change to a bit of wet snow in the mountains of northern Greece before precipitation ends.

In Istanbul, the majority of the storm will fall as rain, but falling temperatures on Monday could allow for a few snow flakes to mix in. Little or no accumulation is expected as temperatures remain above freezing.

While snow will bring difficult travel in northern Turkey, the greatest threat from this storm is expected to come from locally heavy rain along the southwestern coast of the country.

A flow of moisture from the Mediterranean Sea will push up against the western Taurus Mountains bringing heavy rainfall to areas near and to the west of Antalya. In some areas rainfall could reach 50-100 mm (2-4 inches). This will lead to the threat for flooding.

As this area of low pressure sits across the eastern Mediterranean Sea through Wednesday, occasional rain could still wet the souther coast. However, northern parts of the country will rapidly dry out by later on Tuesday.

Dry conditions should then prevail across the country through the end of the week.