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WATCH: Koala Slowly Recovers After Enduring Burns in Massive Australia Bushfire

Intense, ravaging bushfires continue to tear through parts of Southern Australia and have created dangerous conditions for area wildlife.

According to the Southern Australia Country Fire Service, the Sampson Flat fire has burned 12,500 hectares (29.65 acres) of land as of Jan. 2.

More than 30 houses were destroyed or severely damaged in the fire that sparked on Jan. 2.

For a koala rescued by The Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organisation Inc. (AMWRRO), the fire left him with raw, burned paws. With therapy and medical attention, his second-degree burns are healing slowly.

In order to treat the burns, Jeremy must wear thick bandages on his hands and even casts at times.

As officials continue to battle the destructive fires, some relief may be on the way as a tropical surge will send daily showers and thunderstorms across Australia through the weekend.

"Localized rainfall may surpass 50 mm (2 inches) from South Australia into Victoria, including the cities of Adelaide and Melbourne," Meteorologist Eric Leister said.