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PHOTOS: Frigid Air Transforms Lake Michigan Shoreline Into Field of Ice Sculptures

As an arctic blast blanketed the eastern half of the nation with frigid air this week, the plummeting temperatures helped to transform Lake Michigan's shore into what one artist called a frozen 'art gallery.'

Water from the lake splashed onto the weeds along the coast, freezing the entire shoreline into a massive ice sculpture.

On the eve of 2015, the icy water also began producing giant ice balls which floated in the shallow water along the coast, growing larger and larger as time passed.

The balls, or boulders, as some have called them, are formed when water from the lake begins to freeze and is pushed ashore by wave action, according to Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

As the waves lap the shore, the ice is tumbled, smoothed and frozen into a round shape.

While the process does require specific conditions, it's definitely not an abnormal event, Andrews said.

Local photographer Ken Scott captured both events in photos and video from different locations along the shore: