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More Snow in Store for Turkey, Jerusalem This Weekend

Yet another round of snow is headed to parts of Turkey and down to the city of Jerusalem this weekend as unusually cold air remains in place.

The recent potent winter storm that spent this week crawling across Turkey and unloading substantial snow is finally nearing its end.

Snow showers across eastern Turkey and neighboring areas will fizzle on Friday, while a chilly rain persists along the shores of the southeastern Mediterranean Sea.

Enough cold air is in place for the rain to fall as or mix with snow away from the coast across Israel and to Jordan and southern Syria. The higher elevations of Jerusalem may pick up 2-8 cm (1-3 inches) of snow through Friday.

The fresh cold air on the backside of this storm will set the stage for yet another snow event to unfold this weekend.

Across Turkey, the storm this weekend will pale in comparison to the recent winter storm as snow totals across western and central parts of the country on Saturday will generally be on the order of a coating to 2-8 cm (a coating to an inch or two). This includes in Ankara.

Locally higher amounts are expected in the Koroglu Mountains, north of Ankara, while temperatures will rise enough for mostly rain showers along the coast in Istanbul and Samsun.

As the storm drops southward at night and taps into more moisture from the Mediterranean, steadier rain will develop in the vicinity of the coasts of Israel, including Tel-Aviv, Lebanon and Syria.

Farther inland, lingering cold air will allow snow to return. Substantial accumulations are expected in parts of Damascus, while Meteorologist Anthony Sagliani anticipates 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) of fresh snow in the higher elevations of Jerusalem.

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The storm will quickly fizzle across the region on Sunday, bringing an end to the unusual cold and snowy stretch of weather.

Without a fresh shot of cold air in the storm's wake, a rebound in temperatures will follow the storm across Turkey on Sunday and then to the south around Israel and Jordan on Monday.

The warming will cause a third storm system to push some rain through Turkey Monday into Tuesday. Snow will be confined to the Koroglu Mountains.