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WATCH: Georgia Workers Scramble for Shelter as Tornado Batters Nearby Business

A possible tornado spun through a Georgia town on Monday, Dec. 29, trapping people in a battered local business.

Just before noon EST, reports surfaced of a potential tornado crossing near Valdosta, Georgia. According to Lowndes County Emergency Management, several structures were damaged, including a collapsed building at Langdale Forest Products.

Multiple railroad cars were also reportedly overturned.

According to the Valdosta Daily Times, seven were injured in the collapse. Four were transported to a local hospital.

In this footage taken from a security camera at a nearby business, the possible tornado is visible as it hit Langdal Forest Products. Look in the upper right hand corner to see the possible tornado throughout the video. A close-up of the possible tornado occurs around the 49-second mark.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski, thunderstorms were in the area when the event occurred.

"Weak rotation was visible at various points along the cold front," he said.

With warm, humid air and a contrast on either side of the moving cold front, the conditions for a tornado was not unusual. However, the damage associated with the activity is more often associated with a stronger rotation than what was visible on radar.

"It's not out of the question that this was a downburst produced by the thunderstorms," Kottlowski said.

However, he added that at the right angle and against certain structures, weaker storms can still spark violent conditions and destroy property.