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Snow to Disrupt Travel From France, Germany to Bulgaria

A storm will spread rain and disruptive snow from parts of France and Germany to northern Greece and Bulgaria this weekend.

The storm was delivering rain and wet snow to the United Kingdom Friday night.

As the storm continues to move southeastward, accumulating snow will fall in some areas and a widespread swath of disruptive snow will target central Europe into Sunday.

The storm will affect France and Germany on Saturday, then impacting the Balkan Peninsula to end the weekend. While the snow will be a boost for skiing in Europe, it will lead to travel problems for those in the region or trying to get to or from the United States this weekend.

Wet snowflakes will also fly around Paris on Saturday, but accumulating snow will whiten other low elevations of central Europe during the first half of the weekend from the Netherlands and Belgium to the Alps.

As the storm travels southeastward, isolated wind gusts of 80 kph (50 mph) will get kicked up from France to western Germany Friday night through Saturday. Such winds could trigger additional flight delays and sporadic power outages.

"The storm will be particularly significant for portions of eastern France, western and southern Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands as being the first significant accumulation of snow this winter season," continued Roys.

"Timing will be poor for holiday travelers, as snow is expected to be heavy enough to delay flights and slow down major and secondary roadways."

Along the western edge of this snow zone, including in Amsterdam and Brussels, the snow will initially start as a period of rain. As temperatures fall and the transition to snow occurs, any wet or slushy roads or sidewalks will become slippery. MinuteCast® has the minute-by-minute forecast for your exact location when the rain or snow will arrive. Type your city name, select MinuteCast, and input your street address. On mobile, you can also use your GPS location.

A total of 2-8 cm (1-3 inches) will accumulate in Brussels, Belgium, and Frankfurt, Germany, while 8-15 cm (3-6 inches) will bury Munich, Germany, by the time the snow winds down. Snow amounts will top 15 cm in the Alps.

For the Balkan Peninsula, the winter storm on Sunday will be on the heels of another snow event starting this weekend. That will only compound travel issues, added Roys.

Any roads and sidewalks that are not cleared of snow from the first storm will become even more difficult to travel on when the second storm rolls through.

Similar amounts are in store for the Dinaric Alps as the storm shifts to the Balkan Peninsula for the second half of the weekend. Around the western Black Sea, the steadiest snow and worst travel conditions will occur Sunday night. Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski contributed content to this story.