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Snow, Wintry Mix in Store for Portland, Northern New England

Part of the same storm system that brought snow to the Upper Midwest on Tuesday will affect part of upstate New York and northern New England on Wednesday.

A second storm will spin up along the New England coast and will throw some extra moisture into the mix as colder air invades the storm.

The storm will bring some natural snow to part of ski country for those already on their holiday break.

As much as a half a foot of snow will fall over northern Maine, the mountains of northern Vermont and northern New Hampshire, as well as neighboring Quebec and New Brunswick from Wednesday into Wednesday night.

Cities that could receive a moderate snowfall include Caribou, Maine, Quebec City, Quebec, and Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Rain will mix with and change to snow farther south and west in parts of upstate New York, central New England and the lower Maine coast Wednesday night. Cities that can receive a small accumulation of snow include Portland, Maine, Burlington, Vermont, and Syracuse and Albany, New York.

Rain will fall farther south in Boston, Hartford, Connecticut, and New York City into Wednesday.