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Stormy Week for British Isles, Northern Europe

A series of fast-moving storm systems will set the stage for a stormy week from Ireland and the United Kingdom through northern Europe.

High pressure over the eastern Atlantic will cause storms to pass south of Iceland and then dive southward across the United Kingdom and then into parts of northern Europe, such as Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

While no one particular storm will cause widespread damage or travel disruptions, most areas will see at least some precipitation each day through the weekend. Gusty winds will howl even when dry weather prevails, especially near the coastlines.

Tuesday will bring a storm system that will spread rain into Ireland, Northern Ireland, western Scotland and Wales, while showers will be scattered from Belgium to Poland and Scandinavia.

Rain will spread from England into France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany on Wednesday. Gusty winds in excess of 50 kph (30 mph) will accompany this storm.

Showers will linger from France to Poland on Thursday along with more gusty winds. Meanwhile, yet another storm will bring renewed rains to the British Isles where gusty winds are also expected.

By Friday, the core the rain will spread from France to Poland once again while showers and gusty winds prevail over the United Kingdom.

While no widespread soaking rains are expected on Saturday, gusty winds and showers will be possible for the entire region, most widespread from the Netherlands into Germany, Denmark and northern Poland.