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Deadly Mudslide Strikes Indonesia

On Sunday evening local time, officials from the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB) said the death toll for a large landslide in central Indonesia was up to 32. Another 76 residents were still unaccounted for. They also report that over 2,000 personnel are contributing to the search.

The landslide occurred late on Friday in the village of Sampang, which is centrally located on the island of Java several hundred miles to the east-southeast of Jakarta, the capitol city of Indonesia.

Leading up to the mudslide, days of torrential rainfall soaked the region which saturated the ground and loosened the soil until the hillside gave way. These daily rounds of thunderstorms are typical in the region during this time of year as tropical moisture sits over the tropics.

Over the weekend, the BNPB reported additional rainfall and the threat for more mudslides have paused the rescue efforts. However, the search for survivors has since resumed.

The BNPB has also reported that additional landslides have damaged and blocked local roads making it difficult for large equipment to reach the site.

Over the next several days, daily rounds of thunderstorms will threaten the region which could slow the rescue and bring about the threat for more mudslides.