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VIDEO: Windswept Rain Slams Queensland, Australia

Eastern Australia has been the target of heavy, windswept rain and strong thunderstorms this week and will face more downpours through Saturday.

The adverse weather has been spreading from south to north from New South Wales to Queensland since earlier in the week, focusing on eastern Queensland on Friday.

A slow-moving cold front and a pair of low pressure areas are the culprits behind the torrential rain and strong thunderstorms.

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In the 24 hours ending Friday morning (local time), rain totaled 100-170 mm (4-nearly 7 inches) in the corridor between Gladstone and Bundaberg.

The reporting station Rapleys, located north of Bundaberg, topped the rainfall totals list with 170 mm (6.69 inches).

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While the danger of severe thunderstorms will sweep off the northeastern Queensland coast by Saturday, downpours will persist in southeastern Queensland for the start of the weekend.

The heavy rain will target Rockhampton, Gladstone and Maryborough but should remain north of Brisbane. Flooding is a concern, especially where the ground has been left significantly saturated in the wake of recent downpours.

Even where flooding does not ensue, travelers should anticipate delays and residents may encounter disruptions to outdoor plans.

Sunday will definitely be the better half of the weekend as the storm system departs and drier air works into Queensland.