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Hagupit to Threaten Vietnam Late Week

Hagupit, a typhoon devastating parts of the Philippines through the end of the weekend, could eventually target Vietnam late this week in wake of the Philippines.

"Once Hagupit leaves the Philippines and enters the South China sea on Monday night, local time, it will be significantly weaker," said Meteorologist Anthony Sagliani. "However, the storm will likely still be intact, possibly as a tropical storm or even a weak typhoon."

Interaction with Philippines' numerous islands, some of which are very mountainous, will contribute to the weakening.

Although Hagupit will emerge from the Philippines in a noticeably weaker state, Vietnam should pay close attention to the path and strength of the storm.

"Hagupit will track slowly across the South China Sea through the week and potentially make landfall on the southern coast of Vietnam on Friday or over the weekend," said Sagliani.

At this point, it does not appear Hagupit will strengthen on its way toward Vietnam, but it may maintain strength as an organized tropical cyclone.

The weakened Hagupit will place heavy rain in the forefront of the threats it could bring to Vietnam, but locally gusty winds cannot be ruled out at this point.

Residents and those with interests in Vietnam should pay close attention to the progress of Hagupit over the next several days.