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WATCH: Australia Storms Strike Sydney With Torrential Downpours, Lightning

Thunderstorms across eastern Australia have been lighting up the sky since midweek, showing signs of an active start to the summer season.

Post by Laurence Dryer Photography.

On top of the frequent lightning and downpours that have been accompanying these storms, stronger storms are forecast for the Sydney area this weekend.

The constant rain, after a very dry November, could cause flooding problems through the weekend, especially in low-lying and poor drainage areas.

On Saturday, thunderstorms around Sydney will be heavy. In addition to the dangerous lightning and flooding downpours, these storms will also be capable of damaging winds and hail.

Into the second half of the weekend on Sunday, storms can still be strong, but the main threat will shift north of the Sydney area toward Brisbane. This will bring the storms into eastern parts of Queensland and northeastern New South Wales.

Thunderstorms remain in the forecast for the eastern coastline into Monday, but these thunderstorms are not expected to remain severe. Some dry weather is expected into Tuesday across New South Wales and Victoria.