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PHOTOS: Freezing Fog, Rain Causes Destruction in Central Europe

A moist air mass associated with a storm system over the Mediterranean lifted north, interacting with the cold air. The result was areas of snow and freezing rain. Elsewhere, the increase in moisture helped produce thick fog, which froze to objects resulting in widespread icing.

With temperatures hovering just below freezing and ample moisture in the atmosphere, ice continued to build on trees and power lines causing them to snap to the ground.

Radio Prague reported numerous accidents related to icy roadways, while the rail system was brought to a standstill, leaving some passages stuck in railcars overnight.

The complete shutdown of the rail system is the first of its kind due to poor weather. More than 100,000 passengers were affected.

Post by Severe Weather Europe.

Temperatures rose just above freezing slowly in most areas from southern Germany through Czech Republic on Wednesday, allowing some of the snow and ice to begin melting. Areas farther south experienced much milder temperatures eliminating any lingering ice.

Post by Severe Weather Europe.

Temperatures will continue to climb above freezing each of the next few days allowing the remaining ice to melt off trees from southern Germany through the Czech Republic.