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Significant Snow and Ice Target Romania

A significant winter storm is set to hit parts of eastern Europe early this week, with Romania being the hardest hit.

While bordering areas of Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine will have some impacts from the storm, parts of southern and eastern Romania could be brought to a standstill by this storm.

The cities of Craiova, Bucharest and Bacau are in the area that will be hardest hit.

High pressure, centered over the Baltic states will usher a very chilly airmass southward into eastern and southeastern Europe to start the week. This cold airmass will set the stage for the significant winter storm to develop.

Moisture will stream northward from a storm over the Mediterranean Sea, running into the cold airmass and produce a wintry mess Monday and Tuesday.

Freezing rain and snow will fall across Craiova Monday and Monday night before changing to a chilly rain that will linger through Wednesday. Ice will total 0.20 to 0.40 of an inch with several cm (1-2 inches) of snow on top of the ice before the final change over to rain.

Bucharest can expect mainly snow to fall during the storm, as 12-25 cm (5-10 inches) of snow will fall before the storm ends as a mixture of rain and snow.

Northeast Romania will see all snow from this storm, as 10-20 cm (4-8 inches) will fall in Bacau and surrounding areas Monday night into Tuesday night.

Closer to the Black Sea, areas such as Constanta will see primarily rain as milder air off the sea keeps temperatures just warm enough to prevent significant ice or snow. A brief burst of snow at the start of the storm Monday night can bring a couple of centimeters (around an inch) of snow before changing to rain and being washed away.

Elsewhere, wintry weather is not expected outside of the mountains in southern Balkan Peninsula but days of rain will lead to a heightened risk for localized flooding problems.