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Millions of Bundled Shoppers Face Cold, Icy Conditions for Black Friday Deals

With the lure of holiday sales and slashed prices, millions of shoppers across the country braved congested stores to score the best deals on Friday, Nov. 28. For some, frigid air and icy conditions required an extra layer in order to stand in long lines and cautious early morning driving along slick roads.

Snow-covered parking lots also created headaches for those struggling to find spots amid the early-morning rush.

In Boston, some shoppers had to deal with a heavier coating of snow on area roadways as they traveled to stores and shopping centers.

However, for much of the Northeast, falling snow Thursday night into early Friday created a dusting along roadways and sidewalks. According to Meteorologist Dave Dombek, the storm left some potentially dangerous impacts.

"Anywhere with snow on the ground, patches of ice could have developed as snow from Thursday melted but froze up at night," he said.

Ranging from the low 20s to mid-30s, temperatures in the Northeast resulted in lines filled with people dressed in thick winter coats, hats and gloves. Others simply wrapped tightly in blankets while waiting for doors to open.

In the Midwest and upper Ohio Valley, steady light snow tumbled onto those waiting in lines in the dark, morning hours on Friday. Temperatures into the teens made waiting in long lines a challenge for many in parts of the Upper Midwest.

"A good chunk of the Midwest was dealing with snow into Friday morning," he said.

The trend of Black Friday has expanded into Canada as well, where some locations coated with snow created issues for some stores before opening their doors early.

In Edmonton, Alberta, dangerously low temperatures combined with snow, deep enough to require the use of plows to clear parking lots at stores before doors opened. Temperatures dropped as far as minus 8 F (minus 22 C).