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WATCH: Raging Flood Waters Kill Dozens in Morocco

Dozens of people are dead after days of rain triggered severe flooding across southern Morocco.

The death toll from the floods stood at 32 on Monday, according to the Associated Press.

Eleven bodies alone were recovered from the Oued Talmaadart, which is located near the city of Guelmim and is normally a dry riverbed that turned into a raging waterway due to the flooding.

A slow-moving storm system that sat offshore of Morocco Friday through the weekend has been responsible for the rounds of rain.

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Northwest of Guelmim, where the above video was taken, rainfall has totaled 91 mm (3.58 inches) from Friday through early Monday morning at Sidi Ifni, Morocco.

Farther to the north, 128 mm (5 inches) inundated Agadir during the same time period.

A break from the torrential rain across Morocco will come Tuesday and Wednesday as the storm shifts northeastward and impacts southeastern France and northwestern Italy.

The dry weather in Morocco, however, will not last long. The pattern of daily rain will resume across Morocco for the second half of the week as a pair of storm systems drop south.

The flood danger will be highest on Friday when a band of heavy rain is forecast to swing through. With the ground already saturated, any torrential rain would quickly trigger new flooding problems. Periods of rain and potentially more flooding issues will follow for Saturday.

The impending rounds of rain could cause low-lying and poor drainage areas to quickly flood, forcing residents to evacuate.

Streams and normally dry riverbeds may also turn into swollen rivers. Remember to never cross such waterways. Doing so could have deadly consequences.