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Southeastern France, Northwestern Italy Face More Flooding

The welcome stretch of dry weather southeastern France and northwestern Italy has enjoyed is coming to an end with the danger of more flooding on the horizon.

The same storm system that brought deadly flooding to Morocco on Sunday will return downpours and thunderstorms this week.

The rain will first reach southeastern France on Tuesday before spreading to Italy late in the day. Continued wet weather is in store for both regions on Wednesday.

The good news is that widespread flooding is not expected, but localized issues may arise.

"Even with a week of dry weather, localized flooding is a bigger concern than normal due to the heavy rain from earlier in the month," stated Tyler Roys.

So far this month, Nice, France, has already received 614 percent of its normal November rainfall. That percentage stands at 408 percent in Genoa, Italy, after 757 mm (nearly 30 inches) of rain poured down.

There will be pockets of 50 to 100 mm (2 to 4 inches) of rain Tuesday through Wednesday.

The threat for flooding in these areas will not end at midweek. Additional showers and thunderstorms from another storm system are likely to stream in later this week, further heightening the flood danger with each downpour.

Roys is then concerned that a more widespread flood threat will unfold next Sunday and Monday as a potent storm swings through with steadier rain. The downpours from this storm could even reach the Balkans early next week.