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Southern Europe to Catch Break From Rain Sunday

A series of powerful storm systems has left residents of northern Italy on edge as widespread flooding occurred over the past week.

However, after rounds of storms have drenched the region leading to widespread flooding, a ridge of high pressure will bring dry weather to close out the weekend.

So far this month, rainfall has exceeded 250 mm (10 inches) in many areas from southeast France into northern Italy and southern Switzerland. Already over 600 mm (23 inches) has fallen in Genoa, Italy, and 420 mm (16 inches) has soaked Nice, France. In Genoa, this is almost half of the yearly average rainfall in just two weeks.

Northern Italy will not be the only area to see dry conditions, rather, much of southern and central Europe will have dry weather on Sunday. To go along with these dry conditions, the region will also see unseasonably mild temperatures.

From Spain to Germany, temperatures highs will average 3-8 degrees C (5-15 F) above normal.

However, not all locations will be mild and dry.

A cold front will bring rain across the Southeast of England and northern France. Rain will spread into southern Norway as well. This will bring a cloudy and damp day to London, England, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Oslo, Norway.

In eastern Europe, a Siberian High pressure system will lead to cool temperatures from Finland to Ukraine. Temperatures highs will only be near 0 C (32 F) and snow flurries could fly across Ukraine and Belarus.