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Chill to Return to Northeast Following Warm Monday

People across the Northeast will be reaching for their hats and winter coats once again during the upcoming week following a brief period of springlike warmth.

After a mild weekend and near-record warmth on Monday, a cold front will swing through the region, ushering in another shot of chilly air.

Temperatures are not expected to drop as low as they did across the region during this past week, but will still run noticeably lower on Tuesday and Wednesday when compared to Monday.

The core of the cold air will stay centered over the Midwest chilling Chicago and Minneapolis. However, enough of the cold air will shift into the Northeast to cause near-freezing temperatures during the overnight hours as far east as the I-95 corridor around midweek.

This cold air could also produce lake-effect snow showers to areas downwind of the Great Lakes.

Fortunately for those in the Buffalo area, this snow should not accumulate nearly as much as this past week's lake-effect snow, being able to be measured in inches instead of feet.

This chilly weather is expected to remain in place over the Northeast through Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

In addition to the below-normal temperatures, Thanksgiving travelers may encounter delays from a potential storm tracking up the East Coast on Wednesday into Thursday.

There are still some uncertainties with the exact track that this storm will take and the magnitude of the associated impacts over the East Coast states.

Be sure to check back with for more information about impacts from this potential storm over the upcoming days.