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WATCH: Two Surfers Catch Icy Waves Amid Buffalo Snowstorm

Two thrill-seekers braved frigid temperatures and rapidly falling snow across the Buffalo, New York, area in order to surf some icy waves.

Donning wet suits, two surfers traipsed through snow multiple feet deep in Sunset Bay, New York, in efforts to reach the surf across Lake Erie. Amid a volatile snowstorm that slammed parts of the greater Buffalo area with up to 5 feet of snow, the pair decided to take on the turbulent waves as the storm hovered over the area.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski, water temperatures near the shoreline would have been in the 40s. Air temperatures hovered in the upper teens for most of the day.

With consistent winds near 18 mph and strong gusts measuring at 30 mph, the blustery conditions created big enough waves for the duo to ride.