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Thunderstorms Flood Brisbane, Knock Out Power

A round of strong thunderstorms lashed the Brisbane area with torrential rainfall and gusty winds on Wednesday.

The storms did not last long but certainly made their presence known by causing flash flooding and knocking out electricity in parts of the region.

A frontal boundary moving across southeastern Queensland was the trigger for the storms to develop.

The city and surrounding areas were struck during the middle to late afternoon when thunderstorms developed to the south and blasted northward.

Rainfall of more than 50 mm (2 inches) fell in 30 to 60 minutes resulting in extreme flash flooding as many road ways were left impassable.

Post by Dave Bradford.

According to ABC Online, train stations in Brisbane were closed during the height of the storm.

The flooding was so intense that cars were seen floating in the streets of the city.

At one time, nearly 15,000 homes and businesses were without power due to the violent storms.

Largely dry weather is expected across the Brisbane area for the rest of the week with seasonably warm and humid conditions each day.