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Second Round of Lake-Effect Snow to Bury Upstate New York Further

After a pause in the lake-effect snow on Wednesday, more bands of heavy snow will set up downwind of the Great Lakes, including northern and western upstate New York, later this week.

A weak disturbance will pass over the Great Lakes on Wednesday and will shift the snow bands away from the region, allowing a lull in the action to occur. However, lake-effect snow will re-energize on Thursday and continue into Friday. Areas that will be hit by heavy snow include western New York, the Tug Hill Plateau of New York and western and northern Michigan.

Some areas that were hit with 3-6 feet of snow on Tuesday will soon be blanketed with another 1-2 feet of snow with locally higher amounts.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Jordan Root, "The redevelopment of these intense snow bands means the risk for more travel delays and cancellations through the end of the week."

Even in areas where snow removal has taken place, intersections may be dangerous due to the high piles of snow at the corners and along sides of roads.

Due to the magnitude of the prior snow, some roads, streets and parking lots may not be cleared for days. The snow may have to be trucked away and dumped, which can be a slow process.

Total snowfall from lake effect this week may top 8 feet in some areas south of Buffalo, with mountainous drifts.

The risk of snow will to come to an end as the weekend arrives. Warmer winds from the south will send temperatures into the 50s and 60s, as a rainstorm approaches. However, new risks will arise.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Evan Duffy, "The combination of the warmth and rain will bring tremendous snow melt."

"Flooding will certainly be a concern."

Home owners should be on alert as basements may take on water from the quickly melting snow. Water may pool on streets and roadways, due to blocked storm drains.

On flat roofs, as the snow gains weight from the rain and drains remained blocked, there will be an increasing risk of roof collapses.

Property owners may want to move some of the snow off roofs, if it can be done safely.

The combination of rain, warm air and snow cover can lead to dense fog for travelers on roads and at airports that have been cleared of snow.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Jordan Root contributed content to this story.