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BREAKING: National Weather Service Experiences Another Satellite Broadcast Network Failure

The National Weather Service (NWS) has reported that the organization's Satellite Broadcast Network, used as a primary path to provide data to field offices and America's weather industry, temporarily failed Wednesday evening.

The cause of the outage was not immediately known but the NWS reported that the organization would attempt to resolve the issue by moving operations to their primary site in Hauppage, New York. Data flow to the Satellite Broadcast Network has since been restored.

The outage is one of several failures since late October and marks the second failure in November for the Satellite Broadcast Network in particular.

"This is the NWS's single most important communications channel. For some organizations, this is their only source of meteorological information," according to Mike Smith, Senior Vice President of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions.

"Fortunately, because AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions invests is multiple redundancies, we are not affected and our clients are receiving their products as they normally would," Smith said.

"We are lucky it is a quiet evening just about everywhere but in the Buffalo area. If this was during a tornado situation where seconds count, many would not be receiving their storm warnings and related products in a timely fashion."

On November 12, NOAA's Storm Prediction Center (SPC) announced that dated products, including watch and warning information from 2010, were being transmitted publicly.

In late October, NESDIS, NOAA's satellite and information service, was also experiencing network issues and temporarily stopped receiving a full feed of satellite data for input, a critical component for the numerical models used to forecast the weather.